Protect Data Assets

Cybersecurity Program As A Service (CPAAS) -  Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the hardest role to fill in most IT organizations. Only 45% of all companies have a CISO and the rest are looking for one.  Most CISO's stay on the job for 12-18 months due to demand, which is 100% greater than the supply of qualified candidates. Not having a full-time dedicated person whose sole focus is Cybersecurity can be one of the primary reasons why organizations get breached, research has shown. So what is the solution? Outsourcing. Cybersec can provide you with a virtual CISO to help you build a cybersecurity program, build a team organically with our Cybersecurity Training Academy and help you implement policies and procedures.   

Cybersecurity Project Management – Do you have a list of projects and initiatives that need to be implemented because of findings and issues, but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise within your organization? We can help. Our expertise runs deep, in not only assisting with project implementation and budgeting, but also in architecture and recommendations.  Often, many clients implement several cyber tools and only utilize 30% of the available functionality. We can help you get to a place where your risk in minimized. We have an understanding that it’s not just about tools and technology, but it’s also about people and processes.

Cybersecurity Tools Implementation – We have expertise in helping you choose the right tool that will based upon your environment. Since we have partnerships with most hardware and software vendors, we complete a rigorous selection process based upon several factors. We will typically look at 5 vendors, choose 3 vendors to do a proof-of-concept (POC)  and then based upon the outcome, make a recommendation based upon the results of the POC. We can then map out a budget and timeline to implement and integrate the solution into your environment and manage the project.

Cybersecurity Project Roadmap – Oftentimes due to a breach,  organizations have to upgrade their entire cybersecurity tool framework. We make recommendations based upon our experiences from previous and current clients to help you choose what technology should be implemented. We can also help expedite the process since we have been there and done that before.